This Hope

This Hope is a Baptist church in Newton Abbot, South Devon.

Church is not a building but a gathering of people, people from all different kinds of backgrounds and belief systems, different worldview’s and lives, yet bound together in a common humanity, a humanity seen and known in the person of Jesus Christ.

So, as a church we seeking to become more like Jesus, to grow together in our love for God and our love for one another. We try and fail, succeed and fall, laugh and cry; we’re seeking, in the power of the Holy Spirit to be more human.

This Hope does not look like ‘church’ as you might know it, but we are hoping to be authentically church as people gathered together to break bread, eat together, pray, listen and respond to Scripture.  We meet in various places, in various ways at various times, so please have a browse of the website to see when and where we meet. But best of all, please get  in touch and come and meet us. Give Joe a ring, he would love to hear from you and meet for a coffee.

Hope to see you soon.


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