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Rev Joe Haward

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This Hope registered charity number 1170568.

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our hope

God calls us into restored relationships with him, ourselves, each other and the created world; in other words, ‘God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself’. So we believe in the one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a God who has always existed in eternal, loving relationship within God’s own Self. It is out of this love that God spoke and, out of nothing, called creation into life, with humanity part of this beautiful mix, created and called into relationship.  Throughout history we see humanity ensnared in perpetual violence and sin, murder and scapegoating, imitating one another in our need for blood. We see this reality all around us, the reality of sin and suffering and death and violence. Yet God is not like this.

Our hope lies in Jesus Christ, God made flesh, the crucified innocent victim and risen One. His Life is one of unconditional love, relentless grace, unlimited forgiveness and nonviolent action, a Life that challenges the things we think are most important, a Life that will unsettle and change us, a Life that beckons us to become part of it, a Life that reveals fully who God is and what God is like. In Jesus God has transformed all things, overcoming death and sin with the promise of the whole cosmos being renewed. So in the grace of God and by the Holy Spirit we work towards this renewed creation, being peacemakers and lovers of justice, nonviolently calling people into friendship with one another and the living God.





'Jesus lived as all people should live in order to be united with a God whose true nature he reveals.'

                                    Rene Girard